Tuesday, 7 November 2017

WTF Happened To Blogger???

I admit it was a few years back I previously blogged but WTF has happened??? It's all religious nuts and so on and so forth. No wonder the worlds going to hell in a hand basket if the only people bothering to say anything are Christian fundamentalists - with the emphasis on 'mentalists'. This blog is henceforth the anti-Christ to any and all religiously driven blogs so, if you've come here from one of those do yourself a favour and bugger off. Bloody hell. I'm gobsmacked. Blogger was such a good place all those years ago. Never mind. I'm back. I will endeavour to do my bit to return Blogger to the joyful irreligious and mentally deranged cesspit it once was. What? You don't like that idea? DILLIGAF!


Many moons ago I was a blogger. Then I wasn't and now I am again. I blog for me and sound off and spout stuff that is better out than in - well it is for me anyway. My original blog was called DILLIGAF so, in honour (and there is a 'U' in honour if you're English and I am) of my original long deleted blog, this new one is named the same. No idea whether anyone will read it or like it or care. Doesn't matter. I'm doing it for me. If you pop along you're welcome. Careful though. I can be controversial - well I don't think I am but others do sometimes. If you don't like what I say well....DILLIGAF?