Tuesday, 7 November 2017

WTF Happened To Blogger???

I admit it was a few years back I previously blogged but WTF has happened??? It's all religious nuts and so on and so forth. No wonder the worlds going to hell in a hand basket if the only people bothering to say anything are Christian fundamentalists - with the emphasis on 'mentalists'. This blog is henceforth the anti-Christ to any and all religiously driven blogs so, if you've come here from one of those do yourself a favour and bugger off. Bloody hell. I'm gobsmacked. Blogger was such a good place all those years ago. Never mind. I'm back. I will endeavour to do my bit to return Blogger to the joyful irreligious and mentally deranged cesspit it once was. What? You don't like that idea? DILLIGAF!

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